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Hello, a bit about me:

As a child, we have no idea where our dreams will take us, but even back then I was pretty sure my dream of being a cheerleader was never going to happen! I wasn't very good at gymnastics, but a love of words and books always stuck with me. Now I get to tell your stories in many different ways, and I am loving the challenge of being a freelance journalist and copywriter.


I can work solo or as part of a remote freelance team, with the flexibility to work on one-off pieces, help during busy times, or with longer-term projects. I'm available for commissions and copywriting projects, and you may see some of my own ideas out in the wild too. Please look to the right for examples of recent work, or click above for my full journalism and copywriting portfolios. 

Some of the things I can help with include features on music, travel, books, mental health or craft, and rich on content product descriptions, blogs and landing pages. My client base is varied and includes national online media, music acts, a big name online retail store, and copywriting agencies. 


Whatever you'd like my words to do, the end result will be the same - content you can rely on, whether I'm writing for a Queen tribute act, about Middle Eastern architecture, or creating acrylic painting projects. 


Please make yourself comfortable and look around, you might be surprised at what you find.


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