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I'm creative in many different ways. I have written poetry and song lyrics, I love to take photos, and I'm a passionate crafter. I think my creative passions come through in a lively writing style and natural curiosity. I love storytelling in all its forms.

I can offer help and experience with features, reviews and previews, web content, blogs, product copy, and press material, and more. 


With specialisms in music/entertainment features and travel copywriting, the scope to expand other areas such as craft, mental health & well-being, and a varied portfolio of ghostwritten pieces, the question is, what do you need words for?





General Features

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Music Journalism

Travel Copywriting


Craft Projects/Features

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How Do I Work?
Where I Work: I work on a remote basis from my home office in Essex. I have a quiet office, internet, and email connections to enable me to work effectively with all my clients.
Work Life: I enjoy the flexibility and freedom working as an Essex copywriter and freelance journalist brings and always look to achieve a good balance while offering the same flexibility to clients. I work through agencies and direct with clients, both on my own ideas, and commissioned projects.
Work Enquiries: Please e-mail any time to check my availability or suitability for a project. Where possible please let me know of any deadlines you have with a project, your budget, and what you are looking for. A clear brief will help me to deliver the best possible service to you, and will enable me to get started on the creative process sooner.  


Live Music






Olympic Sport


Writing Song Lyrics

   Fun Facts
  • Claim To Fame: I was once in the audience of CD:UK, doing all the moves to Better Best Forgotten by Steps.
  • Creative Goal: I'd love to write a book of children's short stories (maybe one day!)
  • Lifetime Ambition: To swim with dolphins. Always been fascinated by marine life, and they are one of my favourite animals.
  • Place You'd Like To Visit: I'm fascinated by Italy and Norway, would love to explore more of Wales, and go back to Florida/Disneyworld.
  • Learning Extras -Future Learn offers some great short courses. Highly recommend The Secret Power Of Brands which I took when it first ran.