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Flash: A Tribute To Queen

Feature writing and journalism projects are where I first dipped my toes into freelancing, and this is where you will often see my passions and creative interests meeting words. I love to write stories that will resonate with readers, raise awareness, or showcase creative talent. 


 I've recently had words appear digitally for Readers Digest, and I've been a regular contributor to Il Bizzilla, Air Malta's inflight magazine, contributing music, culture, and travel articles. 

You may have already guessed from looking around but music has been a big part of my life from a young age - listening to music, going to gigs, and writing song lyrics ( A co-write has been played on the radio) My words first appeared in local and regional press, independent media, and now national websites such as Reader's Digest. I've taken on pop music (when the indie kids didn't want it) for The Essex Chronicle, along with music and wider entertainment for glossy lifestyle titles in the South East. There's nothing but a buzz in discovering new, or new to me artists and the beautiful music they create, and there's a lot to be said about talented tribute bands too.

As with many freelancing paths, my journalism one has taken a few twists and turns and I am always open to new challenges and transferring my skills. I have written on film tie-in books for Film Stories Magazine (are they really worth it? - I had lots of thoughts on this), and books cropped up again in my first piece for Air Malta's inflight magazine II Bizzilla, where I profiled novels set on the island. 

Creativity is a common theme and lifelong interest, running through music, entertainment, books, and art and craft . I've been on blogger design teams for several craft companies, testing out their products and coming up with new ideas for their use. You'll also see some of my projects, tips and ideas on the Prima U.K. website, and RSPB Wildtimes Magazine . 


I also love talking about the benefits of creativity on mental health, and have featured as a case study a number of times, recalling my own journey in music journalism, talking about craft, and how both have helped my mental health. With a wider interest in health and well-being I've also had the opportunity to raise awareness of endometriosis (Delish UK website), and shine a light on how music and arts organisations and events are making what they do more accessible to those with access needs, including mental health. 

Other freelance twist and turns include profiles of local businesses, charities, and known faces for various print and digital press, event round-ups, and a digital piece on job hunting tips in a recession. It's been varied, exciting, and I'm proud of the consistent and sparky copy I've produced for digital and print publications. 


For full samples check out my journalism portfolio, or if you stumbled here but are looking for a freelance copywriter, then I can redirect you to my copywriting services page. 




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